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Auditing is a rigurous and complex assessment of financial data and operations, intended to deeply evaluate the reliability and legality of your bussiness’ operations. The process of auditing includes collecting data, evaluating the collected data, planning a risk management strategy and solving any current issues.
The primary goal of financial statement audit is to identify in advance the fiscal threats your bussiness is subjected to and to preclude them from harming your affairs. It is also important to make sure that the internal operations are in compliance with the current law.
We successfully provide financial auditing services that improve and regulate internal processes.
audit timisoara
What to expect from our financial auditing activity:
  • ● The assistance of our team of expert auditors, members of Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania
  • ● Risk assessment of the processes
  • ● Elaborating the internal auditing plan and prioritizing risk management strategies
  • ● Methodological procedures congruent with CAFR’s standards
  • ● The online assistance of an adviser

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