Our consultancy services aim to help you efficiently manage your company's resources by analyzing and redefining its operating strategies.
AxACont consultancy is built on a strong foundation of well trained advisors, who are always up to date with the current legislation and procedures.


A tax advisor will work for you trying to minimize taxation and to keep your company’s internal procedures in accordance with the law.
The advantages of hiring one of our tax advisors come from:
● A skilled method of organizing of the company, inevitably leading to bussiness growth and development;
● Great consultancy for procurement of goods.
Bussiness development


Financial consultancy helps companies make educated decisions about money management. AxACont Romania evaluates the financial status of your company, identifies the needs and the objectives of your company, then offers solutions to your purpose.
In addition, our financial consultancy services come with:
● Analysis of cash-flow;
● Analysis of the revenue and expenditure budget.
● Consultancy on financial-accounting legislation
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