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The service structure created by AxACont Romania serves the real needs of companies that want to outsource some of their services. Gain opportunities to grow your business through a partnership with us!
Managing a business consumes time and resources, and entrepreneurs are pressured by responsibilities and efforts to meet the key factors that ensure the success of their business. For this reason, our clients choose corporate services. They save financial resources and time, with fast and concrete information, which they now can use for planning the company's development.

You can avoid registration errors that may occur when filling accounting notes by reaching for the help of our team of accounting experts. Our experience allows us to quickly and efficiently deal with rare or unique situations that your company may face.See more

Be prepared for the risks your company is exposed to with the financial audit offered by the AxACont auditors.See more

Streamline the personnel management process by outsourcing HR services.See more

To set up the company, you will only need to bring us 3 documents – we’ll take care of the rest. Throughout the establishment process, you will receive advice on finding the right legal form and identifying the CANE code and you will be kept up to date with the current legislation in Romania.See more

We offer tax and financial consulting services for better money management, tax reduction and advice on financial-accounting legislation.

Nation Trade Register Office Relations

  • ● Legal persons incorporation
  • ● Legal persons amendaments
  • ● Beneficial owners
  • ● Dissolutions / Liquidations / Strikes-off
  • ● Certificates of status

See Nation Trade Register Office Relations

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