Law requires that companies should acquire a registered office upon establishment.
A registered office is the official address of a company, a place where it may conduct its activity and where it receives the correspondence. A registered office address must belong to a building, not a land.

The registered office can be::

a rented office - located in a commercial space - or a co-working hub (the address where multiple companies hold their business addresses or carry on their activities);
the personal property of one of the company's associates – the place was offered to be used as office through a bailment agreement;
an apartment in a block of flats.

There can be found benefits and disadvantages for any type of office, either when forming the company, or when using the space.
Let’s take for example renting an apartment in a block of flats. This is a common yet problematic option. The state institutions ask the entrepreneur for a written proof (signatures) of receiving consent from the apartment owners association and the neighbors directly affected by the activities conducted in the office: the right and left apartments and those directly above and below.
Hosting the registered office
Some entrepreneurs need to quickly find an office in order to start their business and there are others forced to change their address. What the two cases have in common is the need to reduce the processing time of the documents for submission to ONRC.
However, some companies do not need a physical location to operate, and legal requirements force them to waste time and money.
The good news is that you can always use the registered office hosting services.
Hosting the registered office means establishing the registered office in a law firm’s or a lawyer's office. The company law thus offers a shortcut in the formation of the company or in the changing of the headquarters.
This option is the most effective. However some firms have trouble with the lack of seriousness from those who offer the hosting service when it comes to sending correspondence.
We have secured the necessary resources to be able to prioritize the transmission of your company's correspondence.

For us, hosting the registered office means:

receiving, scanning and sending correspondence
the documents will be available both online and at our headquarters
we will notify you in advance when the end of the hosting period is approaching (which by law is limited to one year)
upon request, we provide a fully equipped meeting room
If you want to start a business and you do not yet have a registered office, contact us (anchor text; to contact page) and we will find the right strategy together.

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