Now you can register your business online, straight from the comfort of your home.

The whole process takes between 4-6 working days, but you only have to allocate a few hours.

You know from the beginning what are the costs for setting up the SRL and what are the required legal fees.

Steps for online registering a company:

1. You can get in touch with us via email or phone. You will then receive a form that you will have to fill with the information we require in order to deliver a personalized offer. We generally answer to requests in 4 to 6 hours. If the form gets to us after 2 pm, we will most likely send the offer the next day. However, if you get in contact with us by phone, you will have instant access to information.

2. Then we send you the offer. If you accept it, the bill for our services is issued.

3. You will, then, be asked to send us some documents required for the registration (the list of documents can be found below).

4. We will send you by email the documents for opening the bank account for the share capital. If requested, we can deposit the share capital in the account.

5. Once the registration process of the company is completed, we pick up the documents from ONRC and send them to you by express mail or we can hand them to you directly at our headquarters.

The required documents for establishment:

• Associates’ ICs

• Three alternative company names

• Proof of the registered office through the sales and purchase agreement or the land registry extract