Lately, Romania has been in steady and continuous development. For this reason, EU companies choose to come here to gain access to a wider market, a variety of resources and the opportunity to reduce some costs. The minor taxation and the low taxes for health, pension, etc. are Romania’s strong suit.

After all, the ultimate goal of internationalization is to smartly and strategically extend one’s business. We at AxACont are up to date with European formalities and with local procedures.

With us, the internationalization of your business will be simple – all you need to know about the entire process is when it comes to an end.


We are a growing company with four outlets in the country at present. We are at the beginning of a start-up project in the corporate field. Due to the experience gained in the last years of work, I noticed that both new concepts from the West and large companies, which seek to establish their headquarters in Romania, have started to appear on the Romanian market.

We are always open to foreign requests.Precisely for this reason, the internationalization of business is an important project within the start-up AxACont Corporate.

Business internationalization is our main project, addressed to companies that turn their attention to:

  • • business operation
  • • the quality of the services or products delivered by them
  • • automation of taxation with our support

For companies in the West that choose to establish a secondary office in Romania or for those who come with new concepts and want to set up a company in our territory, taxation at this time supports the rapid development of start-ups.

The departments within AxACont Romania that will ensure the successful internationalization of your business:


● Finding the optimal strategies to establish the company;

● Working out the internal structure that will lead to growth;

● Maintaining communication with the local authorities;

● Counseling on local and international taxes and duties;

● Establishing the most efficient tax and social insurance systems;

● Complete tax assistance;

● Financial-accounting legislation advisory.


● Identification of the CANE code;

● Preparation, submission and collection of documents for establishment.


If finding a head office has proven to be a difficult activity for local managers, we can imagine how difficult it can be for a foreign investor.

We can help you by hosting a physical or virtual headquarters.


● Preparing the accounting documents;

● Recording the accounting operations;

● Inventory of business assets;

● Maintaining the relationship with ANAF.


● Payroll;

● Personal administration;

● Management of the specific documents (employment contracts, payroll, review submission, salary certificates).


● Obtaining work permits;

● Solving relocation problems;

● Obtaining residence and residence permits.

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