Marketing is a complex and strategic action plan built for promoting a company. Pieceing up together the market research data and analyzing the best course of action, if not conceived by a marketing profesional, can be a dead end.

Don’t waste your time and resources and outsmart your competition. Let us use our proven marketing strategies to increase your company’s online visibility.

For a successful promotional campaign, our marketing department offers you My Business Partner service package.

What is My Business Partner?

How do we identify potential customers?
How do we find collaborators?
How do we present our product / services?
How do we organize the business after the workload increases?
How do we maintain the quality of our products / services?
How do you know if the work you are doing is working or not?
How do you know if the taxation of your business is progressing?
Through My Business Partner program, you will have answers to all these questions. You will also benefit from other services provided by AxACont: Corporate, Accounting & Financial Services.Corporate, Accounting & Financial Services.

Our marketing service is also included in the complete Business Development package

Complete marketing

Online assistance of an advisor

The real accounting situation of the company


Human resources

Tax advisory

Financial consultancy