Proper company management implies bureaucracy and cluttered files. It also requires constantly submitting documents to competent local authorities. Some of these documents that can become our responsibility are:

Legal persons incorporations

Most of the time, setting up a company offers a lot of hassle to those who want to become entrepreneurs in the Romanian commercial market. Through the Juniors in Business program you are advantaged when starting your company.Setting up your company.

1. Private limited company

2. Beginner Private limited company (SRL-D)

3. Grade I and grade II cooperative society

4. Grade I and grade II agricultural cooperative

5. Company or GIE branch based in Romania

6. Branch of a company based abroad


Legal Persons Amendaments

The evolution over time of a company's activity implicitly leads to changes in the legally declared data (name, legal form, headquarters, etc.).

1. Allocation of the unique identifier at European level (EUID)

2. Changing the designation (name)

3. Signing up or changing the emblem

4. Changing the legal form

5. Change of registered office in the same county

6. Changing the registered office in another county

7. Extension of company life

8. Decreasing of company life

9. Changing the object of activity

10. Updating the object of activity

11. Changing the statements of own responsibility

12. Increasing the share capital

13. Decreasing the share capital

14. Transmission of equity shares

15. Suspension or resumption of company activity

16. Changing the members of management and control bodies

17. Setting up or dissolution of secondary offices

18. Changing identification data

19. Exclusion or withdrawal of associates

20. Amendments registered based on the application for submission of documents and registration of amendments

21. Correction of material errors

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Beneficial owners

According to Law 129/2019 on preventing and combating money laundering and terrorist financing, all companies are required to submit to the Trade Register Office a statement on the beneficiary or beneficiaries, respectively the person or individuals who own or control the company, when registering and annually or within 15 days after a change occurs.

Recording the data from the declaration regarding the real beneficiary

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Closing a company needs to goes through three stages: dissolution, liquidation and strike-off. Dissolution is the process of ceasing the normal activity of a company, liquidation is the stage of dividing the company's assets after paying debts, and the strike-off involves the cessation of the company's existence and its removal from the Trade Register.

1. Simultaneous dissolution and liquidation of the company

2. Company strike-off

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Certificates of status

The certificate of status is a representation of the current state of a company and acts as an intermediary between the company and state institutions. The information included in the certificate of status is of statutory and financial nature.

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