We at AxACont are concerned with listening to our customers' requirements. That's why we've created multiple departments to meet the needs of your business, whether we're talking short-term or maintaining long-term collaboration.
Moreover, in order to facilitate the search for customers in the database of services we offer, we have prepared service packages according to the project you intend to fulfill.
Thus, we recommend 6 complete packages of integrated services.

Types of packages

Juniors in business


  • 1. You've never run a business before.
  • 2. You don't know taxation in Romania.
  • 3. You do not know the obligations of your company.
  • 4. You do not know the obligations you have as an administrator.

Then you can benefit from the Junior in Business program which involves:

  • ● Preferential rates for setting up the company
  • ● Consulting throughout the establishment
  • ● Free tax consultancy in Romania
  • ● Notification of the main accounting obligations
  • ● Notification of the main obligations as administrator
  • ● Supporting accounting services with preferential rates for the proper conduct of business

My Business Partner program is focused on achieving successful marketing for your business. When you choose this service package, we will answer the following questions.

How do we identify potential customers?

How do we find collaborators?

How do we present our product / services?

How do we organize ourselves after the workload increases?

How do we maintain the quality of our products / services?

How do you know if the work you are doing is working or not?

How do you know if the taxation of your business is making progress?

My business partner also includes corporate and consulting services

Out of the desire to always and quickly provide clear and concise information on which the success of our clients' business depends, we have managed to structure our services so as to satisfy the requirements of companies aiming at business development and work system.

Talk to one person about requests.

Discuss the development plan periodically or when a meeting is needed.

You have our permanent support in solving financial statements.

The services we provide provide security to the company's administrative department

The complete package of services provided by our business development department includes:

  • ● Complete marketing
  • ● Online assistance of a trained advisor in the field
  • ● The actual accounting situation of the company
  • ● Accountancy
  • ● Human resources
  • ● Tax advice

One of the goals of our company is to support entrepreneurs in their efforts to set up a company. Thus, with the support of AxACont Romania services, your idea for a restaurant can materialize efficiently and easily, and the legal, fiscal and bureaucratic aspects remain our responsibility.

The Restaurant Establishment service package includes:

  • ● Establishment of the company - drafting the necessary documents, submitting and collecting them from the competent institutions
  • ● Authorizations and operating licenses - operating license, DSV registration, ISU approval, DSP authorization, PSI, labor protection
  • ● Accountancy
  • ● Cash register + taxation and authorization
  • ● Marketing
  • ● Advice on the rules of operation of public catering units
  • ● Obtaining the classification certificate

The IT department has become a necessity for a lot of businesses. With the IT services package, you put in the first place the good organization of the information and the activity of your company's employees.


  • ● Server maintenance and administration
  • ● Workstation management - network, telecommunications, hardware and software configuration, application management, antivirus administration
  • ● Network administration - network optimization, implementation of firewalls, VPNs and security protocols
  • ● Database administration - back-up and data security
  • ● IT consulting and support

AxACont Romania created this package especially for IT companies with standard activity.

It is addressed to companies with activity in the IT field. We know that this industry requires extra hours and increased attention, so we are sure that you would be happy to keep the accounting in charge of the AxACont team, which will deliver only quarterly and annual statements, for a simplified accounting record.

  • ● Preferential rates
  • ● Online contact
  • ● Online consulting
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