The romanian labour market is going through a rough patch considering the substantial loss of workforce due to migration. Thus, the demand for employment of non-resident citizens in Romania is constantly growing. More than half of the companies in the local market want to attract the labour force from abroad.
Working with foreign individuals can prove to be a difficult task, as it requires both being knowledgeable of local tax law and labor law and it requires a deep understanding of international regulations.
We can help you with that.


1. Copy of passport/identity card. It must be valid for at least another 2 years from the start of the procedure for obtaining the permit.
2. Diploma or certificate of seniority in work indicating the qualification for the work he will perform in Romania, respectively at the employing company
3. Criminal record. It is obtained from the country of origin and must be obtained in two copies (one of which is used for acquiring the visa).
4. Four photos type 3/4
5. Curriculum vitae


1. The constitutive act of the employing company
2. The decision of establishment of the legal person
3. Certificate of registration at the Trade Register Office
4. Certificates of status in copy
5. Copy of the administrator’s ID
6. Fiscal attestation certificate
7. Criminal record
Other AxACont services for foreign nationals are obtaining a work permit and the right to stay.