Accounting and bookkeeping

Avoid registration errors that may occur when preparing the financial statements by reaching out to our team of expert accountants. In addition, our experience allows us to quickly and efficiently come up with solutions for rare or unique situations that your company may face.

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The financial audit stands on complex and dynamic operations that translate the accounting information in terms of performance and accuracy.

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Our clients choose corporate services to save time and financial resources by collaborating with our experts in the field.

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Our tax and financial consulting services help you better manage your assets, improve tax reduction and keep you informed of any changes in the accounting laws.

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Human Resources

We facilitate human resources management through specialized HR services.

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Beneficial owners

Dissolutions / Liquidations / Strikes off

Certificates of status

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Business Internationalization

We help you expand your business beyond the borders your homeland through our business internationalization service. We’re also open to help foreign citizens expand their businesses by opening up a branch in Romania or to establish a fresh business.

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